Owl Drawing

At school my class all made animal drawings. We had printed pictures of animals such as the frog, snake and toucan. I chose the owl. We copied those pictures. (We didn’t trace, we just looked at the animal that was printed.) Mine was the last one done, but it turned out really well so I decided to put it on this blog. My favorite part of my owl is the feather on the left ear. If I drew another owl or other bird I would probably do the feathers this way. I really liked the way they turned out.

Copy of Elsas owl (Mar 2016)

Elsas owl (Mar 2016)

Believe It

I drew this when I was in second grade. It was for an art show at my school. There were three choices for the theme. One was “Believe.” That’s what I chose. The title of my picture is “Believe It.” I believe in unicorns and that’s why I drew a unicorn in my picture. I won a water bottle and a little tag that my school calls a dog tag. They had an assembly where you could see all of the things that people did: pictures, dances, photos. There was even one person that wrote a song on the piano.

Elsa Believe It drawing


Princess Peach

My brother got a game for Christmas called Super Mario Kart. It has a person named Princess Peach. Once I just wanted to draw something. And I had been drawing some other pictures with one person who looked just like this:

Elsa princess peach drawing smallest03302014_0000

So I drew one picture of the person closer up and decided to call her Princess Peach. I got the idea from my brother’s Super Mario Kart game.

Flying With Dragons

I like to make pictures of fairy tale things. Dragons are sometimes in fairy tale stories, so I drew a picture of a girl flying with dragons in the sky. Dragons are one of my favorite fairy tale animals. On the bottom of my picture I drew a little house and a little guy. The guy is looking up at the dragons and the girl with his hands up in the air like he’s surprised.  I like to put lots of details into my pictures. The house and the guy were the little details that I put in my picture.


Elsa drawing3

Treasure Under Water

I like under water animals.  I also like under water fairy tale characters like mermaids. One night in bed while I was supposed to be sleeping I was drawing, because I love to draw. I was thinking about mermaids that night so I drew a picture of mermaids with their pets next to their underwater treasure.

Elsa drawing2 for web